Whats My Style ?

I sat on the couch, just finishing a little Instagram stories try on haul from fashion nova. As I sat down, I really started to wonder what my actual style is. Am I boho? Am I trendy? Am I classic ? WHAT AM I??? I began to look at what inspires me. How I really … Continue reading Whats My Style ?

“You’re Not Useless”

Sometimes it seems like I have it all figured out. "The girl that quit her job to follow her dreams". Sounds perfect... Until its not so rainbows and butterflies. I usually dont open up completely about things in my personal life, but I genuinely feel like maybe this can help someone that might be feeling the … Continue reading “You’re Not Useless”

The Damn Non Stretch Jeans

Do you guys ever get stuck in the rut of all the clothes you already own ? Im sure you do... because....women. We're completely crazy and can think of nothing to wear with our entire closet full of clothes. Ive been there for the last few weeks, starting to feel super repetitive. So during Black … Continue reading The Damn Non Stretch Jeans