Our Trip to Europe | London + Capri

Theres no denying Capri was an absolute dream come true.
A few months ago, Tyler told me to pick anywhere in the world that I wanted to travel to. I didn’t even have to give it much thought. The first place that came out of my mouth was Capri.

When we travel, we don’t normally go to huge cities that are all over Pinterest and Instagram. We like to go to places that are a lot smaller and not so “on the radar”. I had seen one of my favorite bloggers, Sivan Ayla, come to Italy for a wedding, and they spent one day in the Isle of Capri. It was right then that I saw it, fell in love, and never stopped thinking about some day going.
Between looking at Capri, Bali, and Santorini, we agreed on Capri and started the hotel/flight search. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary when it came to booking the vacation. We did our research and between going back and fourth on Google Flights  (looking for the most affordable times to fly) and Mamundo (showed the most affordable flights in general for when to fly), we ended up booking on Kiwi.com

We strategically chose our layovers, since we wanted to make the most out of the time wed be in certain cities. Starting with London. London has always been a dream destination for me, since I was super young. We spent our first full day roaming the streets of  London. We saw the Buckingham Palace, walked about 10 miles total all over the city and ate some of the yummiest pizza ( I know. pizza in London? but I promise, it was delicious)
Unfortunately, since we were there on a Sunday, the streets of London were EMPTY, and this is not an exaggeration. There were a few streets and corners where Tyler and I were the only people in sight. Come to find out, a lot of small businesses close early on Sundays for soccer games, and they also use Sundays to spend with family. 99% of the restaurants, coffee shops, and attractions were closed. This part of it kind of sucked because we had an entire day to kill, but no where to go. We decided to do the touristy thing. Took the Tube (their train system) to all of the places we had seen/heard about.
The weather was cold. And I mean COLD. I ended dup buying a beanie which is something I’ve always wanted, (I know. super tourist), we walked all throughout the shopping area, which kind of reminded me of Times Square, but of course, every shop was closed (BOO). After a few hours of walking through empty streets, we decided to go back to the airport and just wait til our flight at 6am to Italy.

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Once in Italy, it was full on heart eyes. Everything around us was beautiful. The people, the language, the mountains, everything.
We took a 1 hour ferry ride from Napoli to the Isle of Capri which is where we’d be staying. Tyler and I both knocked out on the ride (jet lag hit us HARD), and once we arrived, it was complete chaos. People everywhere, Vespas zipping passed you, cars speeding through teeny tiny streets, and trust me, if you’re in the road they will not stop lol.

We attempted to walk to our hotel, but I quickly changed my mind once we saw how steep the mountains were. We found a taxi that dropped us off right in the center of where our hotel would be. We stayed in the Hotel Syrene, which was right in the middle of a ton of luxury shopping and cute restaurants.

Thankfully, checking in was very quick and easy, and as soon as we were able to shower, it was pizza time (Italian pizza this time around).

Our first day was spent unwinding from the long days of travel, and of course, eating.

Day 2, we took a bus to a chair lift, and rode up a mountain on these single tiny chairs that hang on a cable. Im not going to lie, it was scary, but it seemed so common that it kind of eased my nerves.

Day 3, we took a LONG hike down a mountain to a very popular area called Faraglioni. On the edge of this mountain was the ocean, restaurants and the best views I’ve ever seen in my life. It was EXHAUSTING, but worth the sweat and sore legs. We got down to a little restaurant and ordered a bruschetta to share (which was DELICIOUS), Tyler got an Italian beer, and I ordered a spritz. Once we got back to the hotel, we quickly changed into our swimsuits and went to relax by the pool for another beer & a spritz (these things are addicting and I HIGHLY recommend them).

Day 4 was our last full day on the island, and by then we had pretty much done all of the site seeing we had on our list. It was pretty chilly this day and began raining at 3p and it lasted the rest of the night. We got some breakfast (or pasta) and some coffees, and continued to a small museum by our hotel.

Between stuffing our faces with pizza, bread, gelato, spaghetti, drinking bottles on bottles of wine and spritz, I can confidently say Ive never eaten SO well anywhere Ive ever traveled. Everything is beyond fresh, the flavors are amazing, nothing is processed. As Americans, we are SO cheated on food!

We walked more than Ive ever walked in my life, hiked up ad down mountains, people watched for HOURS, and ate so much pasta I thought id end up looking like a whale.


Capri is somewhere that Tyler and I have already talked about coming back to. Whether its a regular getaway or a honeymoon, we will definitely be back!

A few tips :

Everyone speaks English for the most part, but we ALWAYS said Grazie (thank you).

One of our servers Louie told us to be sure to pronounce the E at the end. “Grah-tzee-eh”. He also taught us that Bruschetta is NOT pronounced how we know how to say it. Americans say “broo-shet-uh” and in Louie’s words ” I dont know who the f&%# taught you guys to say that. its Bruschetta “broo-sket-ah” *while he used his hands to show emphasis, of course*

Europeans are FAR more graceful and cool than I could have ever imagined and are always dressed to impress. Their casual outfits for men consisted of button downs, jeans, and a cool pair of sneakers (most commonly, Adidas. especially Stan smiths).  They all draped a nice sweater over their shoulders, and NEVER had on plain tee shirts or clothing with words all over them.
The women were the most beautiful! Always extremely effortless. It came so natural to them. Always so polished but beyond cool. Imagine a Zara catalogue come to life — THAT is how everyone looks, even while at work.

Eat your food with a fork and knife! Tyler and I kept joking at how sloppy we are as Americans. We ate our pizza with our hands, and looked around and saw everyone else cutting it into small pieces with a fork and knife.

Eat gelato! Eat it every day, after every meal! I promise, you will be addicted. Its so soft, so creamy, so light. And trust me when I say, you will not get stomach aches or sick as you would in the US. Every single thing I ate here digested so easily.

Have a limoncello! The lemons in Italy are HUGE! On a lot of little street corners, you’ll find stands covered in lemons and serving lemon slushies aka Limoncello. So good, extremely refreshing, and made from fresh lemon!

Service is included. At almost all of the restaurants, you will see on the menu “Service 15%. Cover 10%”.
Tipping is already included, however Tyler still left a few euros for anywhere with amazing service. Just make sure you check your menus!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little rundown of my trip and hope you love the photos. When I say the photos do it no justice, I cant stress it enough!

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