Whats My Style ?

I sat on the couch, just finishing a little Instagram stories try on haul from fashion nova. As I sat down, I really started to wonder what my actual style is. Am I boho? Am I trendy? Am I classic ? WHAT AM I???

I began to look at what inspires me. How I really dress on a daily basis. Not what I see on Instagram and Pinterest. But what I realistically will grab to wear when I’m going to dinner with Tyler, or out with my family.

I know theres so much pressure on social media to be anyone but yourself. You need all the surgeries, to dress like a Kardashian, and to have millions of dollars worth of designer handbags and accessories for it to be considered “fly”.

Ive noticed more and more as I do my monthly closet purges what my style actually is.

I love a good trend. Theyre fun, funky and great for the moment. But what ive realized is that I Love a good classic even more. I realized that I can take a plain white tee and make a billion outfits out of it. Ive also noticed that I purge all of my trendy items once ive “been there done that”. Ill wear them for the moment, and move on. You’ll never catch me doing that with a black v neck, though. Those are staples in my opinion.

I love my classics. My white button ups. My perfect denim. My 7 pairs of investment shoes I know I will never get tired of.

Its ok if you aren’t into all of these trends. The “mules”, the spandex with the top sports bra looking thing (what are those even called anyway ?) . Its ok if you dont fall into the trend. Cuz guess what ? I dont either.
I want to look my age. I want to dress like a WOMAN. I dont want to look like Kylie Jenner. I  dont want to wear a patent leather bodysuit (cuz honestly, ya girl has imperfections for that lol) mainly because I want to look like a woman. I want to look like an adult. Not a teeny bopper that can get confused in a group of 19 year olds with Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade on their brows before they even know how to spell it. (I blame this comparison on working at Sephora lol)
I want to look like an adult. Because thats what I AM. Im about to be 28 years old, and want what I wear to reflect that.
Is it wrong to be into trends ? Absolutely NOT. You like what you like, and you should own that shit. Because its who you are.
Is it wrong to feel and dress sexy? NO
There are so many ways to dress, act, look sexy for your age. And you can rock that as hard as you’d like. Regardless if you’re a mom, a wife, or a single woman who loves herself. Wear what makes you feel good. Rock that crop top if thats what you like. Wear the backless top. Stunt in your leather pants. DO what makes you happy. And wear what you love. JUST BE YOU!


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Top & Glasses : @chicbabesboutique (On Instagram)
Jeans: Dazeclothingco
Bag: Forever21
Shoes: Lolashoetique


Ivana ❤



5 thoughts on “Whats My Style ?

  1. I love this! Kinda where I was going with my reply on the giveaway question. I am not good at trendy at all! Either I feel they don’t look good on me or I have to try to hard and honestly I refuse to feel uncomfortable just to “fit in” with the latest trend. I would however love to expand more on classic, timeless pieces (those don’t go out of style and can be paired up easily) So if I may request, for your upcoming videos if you could do one going over some of those things (Style, Classy Chic and Fashion vs Trend) … from one Orlando girl to another — 》Keep doing your thing girl.


  2. I love this so much!! And related to it so much too. I always feel like I need to dress a certain way when in reality I know I love my plain shirts and jeans, I LOVE jeans!
    However, even then I feel like I could spice it up, soooo if you could make a video on wardrobe staples that would be great!
    Keep it up girl, I look up to you so much! ❤️
    Much love from Houston, TX 💓

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  3. I completely relate when you wrote about how your style is evolving as you do your closet purges. I too have been discovering the same thing but it is so nice to know that I am not alone. Love your post!


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