When Did It All Become So DEEP

Ive been trying to come to the conclusion of why blogging has its ups and downs. If you’re like me, and have been blogging for a few years, then I’m sure you’ve also felt the change and shift in energy.
I woke up this morning, and prepared my outfits, like I normally do the morning of a blog shoot. My friend and I met at our usual Starbucks for coffee before we set off taking pictures. We spent a few hours shooting, and went back to Starbucks to just chit chat about how we felt. We both agreed that the inspiration comes and goes. Along with any other creative platform, its so easy to get caught up and loose the way.

Then it hit me. I was driving home from the shoot, and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. HELLO!?
Thats why its such a rollercoaster. We let it become SO DEEP.

I remember starting my blog using only my iPhone 3 (it might’ve even been the one before that) to take pics. We’d shoot in the grass, in parking lots, even with terrible lighting. Because back then, it was FUN. Back then, it had nothing to do with algorithms, or your “feed”, or an aesthetic. Back then, you did it because you enjoyed it. It didn’t matter how many people commented and liked. Your engagement was a thing no one ever mentioned or talked about.

Now, years later, its SO DEEP. So many numbers, so much stress behind one simple photo. If you’re a blogger, you can agree that behind ONE simple post comes hours and hours of work. Between changing in your car (and if you’re in Florida, this is even more difficult because its HOT), perfect lighting, Multiple edits, 3 filters, figuring out captions, tagging every piece of your outfit, using your hash tags, etc. SO much goes into one photo. For it to start getting dissected. You start pulling it apart. Was it good enough? Are people commenting fast enough? “No one is liking it, I should’ve posted it at 430 instead of 330.” Its just so much that the fun has been SUCKED out of it completely because it starts to feel like work. We’ve  become so obsessed with everything meeting so many requirements that now WE are the ones that aren’t relatable. We’re becoming exactly what we don’t want to be.

I’m constantly reading quotes that say “Remember why you started”, and its never resonated in me the way it did today. Remember that when you started, you just liked putting clothes together. Remember when you started, you had 100 followers and you didn’t pay attention to engagement. Remember when you started, people liked you because you were relatable. We’re so quick to go on about bigger and more successful creatives, that we don’t realize that we’re complaining about the same things that WE are doing. Making everything look “so perfect”, everything having to do with algorithms, and aesthetic, and what plant sits perfectly in a picture of lipsticks scattered on a white table.

It just became so much that it has sucked the life out of something that was so enjoyable for so many of us. And I refuse to let that happen to a passion.

So to all of my fellow bloggers and creatives, next time you feel yourself in that hole that we all find ourselves in from time to time, REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED.

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Ivana C

3 thoughts on “When Did It All Become So DEEP

  1. This is so relatable. I am at a point where I am questioning if I should even be blogging. I don’t like the business side of it because I just want to vent and be myself. You helped me realize that it’s my job to hold on to the original reason of why I started!!

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