2018 | Goals

Happy New Year guys!!!!!

its officially 2018, and usually by this time, id have my vision board done already. Last year’s vision board was such an emotional one for me because almost everything on it had to do with being my own “boss”, youtube, and traveling. When I was reflecting on my 2017 goals, I realized that almost everything had come true. Its amazing to see what goals you’ve accomplished after those 365 days have passed.

Before I do my 2018 vision board, I thought I would talk a little bit about what my goals and “resolutions: (I hate using that term) are.

  • Invest more time growing TTHFO
    This goal means so much to me because this will be year 5 of this blog. I know ive literally gone back and forth especially in 2017 about what I wanted to do with this platform, and after months of the back and forth I realized I just couldn’t abandon my baby. While I might not be this huge successful blogger, Ive gotten so many comments and messages from you guys talking about how much my posts have meant to you, and that means MORE than enough for me to continue this journey. This year I want to really focus on consistently posting once a week. I want to grow this platform to being something people love reading and love going to for inspiration. I dont care if this becomes a job or not (even though id love if it did), I’m just so happy with how many people come on here to read my posts. Whether its 20 or 200, I notice every single view, comment and subscriber.
  • Grow Brendalin & Cora
    Im not sure if a lot of you know, but I’m co-owner of a small online boutique called Brendalin & Cora. This partnership with Brendalin has meant so much to me because its been a dream of mine for YEARS. I always used to tell myself that one day I would have my own little boutique, and it was such an amazing moment when Brendalin Asked if I would join her. Its been such a huge learning experience for the both of us, with so much trial and error, and crazy ups and downs. We are about to launch our new collection which is our proudest moment yet! We designed each of these pieces ourselves! Rather than buying wholesale or reselling, we decided we wanted to create pieces we’ve dreamed about and imagined and we waned to bring them to life! Its finally happening and we cant even explain how excited we are for this step. I can only pray that from here, we have more successful launches, and gain more experience in this business owning world.
  • Maintain Healthy Relationships
    This goes for so many of my relationships. My relationship with my family which. means a lot to me. Ive been able to spend so much more time with them since I quit my job, and I’m finally not having to miss out on the important days with them. My friendships are of course also important to me. I have a very small group of friends and every memory I have with them has been amazing. I can only hope we continue to add more trips, spontaneous nights, and memories to our list.
    Lastly, wth Tyler. Tyler is my #1 supporter and motivator in every single thing I do. I honestly dont know where id be without his constant “I’m Proud of you’s”. It really does a lot when you have someone that goes so hard for you. We have such a strong ¬†relationship and I can only hope it gets stronger this year.
  • Stay Happy
    A huge part of 2017 was happiness. It was all over my vision board because it was something I craved HEAVILY. I just wanted to wake up happy. End the day happy. Remember through bad days that happiness would come. I can genuinely say happiness has been the foundation of my year last year and I am determined to keep it that way this year. I dont care about being rich, I dont care about fancy cars. I just want to do what I love, make a living doing it, be in healthy relationships, and continue being Happy.These are just a few goals I have for the year, but trust me, there are MANY more. Traveling somewhere exotic, as well as to a few states, hitting 10k on youtube, and buying a new car for my birthday are a few extras I could go on about.

    Id love to know what your goals are for the year! its so motivating hearing what other people want to accomplish in their time!

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Sweater, Jeans, Boots: Zara (the boots and sweater may still be available!)
Coat: Brendalinandcora.com (last year)
Belt: SHein.com
Necklaces: Name Necklace was a gift, and layered necklace is F21
Rings: VraiandOro.com CatbirdNYC.com
Bag: Forever21

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