How I Found my Passion

Today is the first day I start this new journey of mine, and looking back at this time last year, I was so terrified to take a leap like this. Yet, here I am, eating lunch on my porch on MY time.
Ive had such a productive day so far and its currently only 1:23p.
I can confidently say I feel so amazing today. I feel like Im fulfilling my purpose even if its only day 1. I may not have made a thousand bucks today, I may not have gotten a huge collab offer, but I know im on my way.

This good mood im in triggered me to start thinking about how I found what I love to do. I know so many people, men and women, struggle to find their passion, what drives them, so I figured it would be a good topic for todays post.

Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite part of my day was “getting ready”. I love picking out my clothes the day before school and setting them out on my bed. I loved getting up, doing my hair (with a pound of Rave hairspray and LA Looks gel) and putting on my favorite lip smackers gloss. I wasn’t allowed to wear Make up until I moved out of my parents house, so this was really doing it up for me. I can remember the lecture my mom gave me almost every day about “School not being a fashion show. You go there to learn” wah wah wah wah wah.

Its been 10+ years of having those same feelings… every single day. I still get excited for my “get ready” part of the day.
Working at Sephora, my “get ready” was a little different since I wore a uniform, but the process of doing my make up based on my mood, or a new eye shadow palette that just launched, that was my excitement.

Now, getting ready to shoot for my blog has taken up the spot for that feeling.  My mood determines everything. How I want to dress, what piece I want to wear and how I want to style it, if I want to wear a dark lip or a bright lip, if id rather be in heels or something more comfy (which lets be real, heels usually win.)

The whole getting ready process is what lights my soul on fire. Its what gets my mind going. Whether its the hair, the make up, or the process of going through my closet for 20 minutes, thats what does it for me. Thats what makes me feel alive.

Doing it for other people is just the cherry on top for me.

So I encourage you to really think about what makes you feel happy. What do you do a little of every day that doesn’t feel like work ? What can you do all day long and you dont even check the time ?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or when you start. JUST DO IT.

You’ll regret it if you go your entire life not doing what you love to do.


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Ivana C

One thought on “How I Found my Passion

  1. Ivana…thank you for touching on this subject. I’ve had a really hard time taking that leap myself, but reading this is so inspiring and I hope someday soon, I’ll finally take that leap myself.


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