The other day I had someone ask me, “What is your why?”
I sat there like they asked me the craziest question of all time. What do you mean whats my why? Success is my why. Financial freedom is my why. Isn’t that everyones “Why”?

It wasn’t until they told me THEIR why that I realized it was so much deeper than that.
They told me to dig deep and figure out why I do what I do and why I want to invest 100% of my time into what I do.
I was mind blown at how much that would open my mind to dig deeper. To really figure out why my passions are what they are. Why I want to focus my life solely on the things that I do.

It was finally that I realized, the root of EVERYTHING that I do always revolves around people feeling their best. Im a firm believer of the phrase “If you look good, you feel good”, and I noticed that every single thing that im passionate about, and share with others is always with that one goal.
Once I started with hair YEARS ago, I loved the feeling of someone getting out of my chair and feeling as amazing as I always did with a fresh blow out, and my highlights retouched. Everyone can agree with me that there is NO better feeling than clean hair and a bouncy blow out (aside from ripping your lashes off after a long day. Oh, and your bra. Thats ALWAYS a win). I realized the same with make up. Ive had handfuls of women leave from getting their make up done and their reactions are priceless. The “Oh my god, I feel so pretty!” “Wow my skin looks amazing!” “Ive never seen myself look like this before!”, That right there, has to be one of the best feelings knowing I gave that person that feel good moment.
Then, it made me think about styling. I always used to say that my dream job would be to shop for a living. If someone gave me $500 and said “I hate shopping and I cant dress myself, can you do it for me?” I would probably run into a mall with the biggest smile on my face ready to conquer this request. And to see them wear it ? And feel amazing when they do? How does that not make you feel good in return.

Long story short, I found my why. Beauty isn’t what makes the world go round, but self love and confidence is SO important. You SHOULD feel beautiful with your fresh blow out. You SHOULD get your make up done and feel like Beyonce. And you SHOULD wear that dress that makes you walk a little different, talk a little different, feel a little better. Everyone deserves that feeling.

Realizing that my “WHY” is to help people feel that, that made me feel better than any contour brush or any pair of shoes (as hard as that is to believe).

I really challenge you to find the root of what makes you happy, the way I was challenged. Really think about what you do and why you love to do it.

If you already know your why, id love to hear what it is. Whether you’re a nurse, legal assistant, lawyer, retail manager. Whatever It is, why do you love to do it?


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Cardigan, Leggings, Crossbody: Forever21
Booties: CWonder (They dont exist anymore *tears*!)
Hat: Aldo

5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I would def pay you to shop for me! I hope you’re planning on starting some kind of business as a personal shopper. I think you would get more clients than you think! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your why!


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