If not you, then who?

Lately I’ve been reading the book “You Are A Badass” and I cant deny that this book has changed my life and my way of thinking.

I notice I now am looking at the impossible as possible. Things I never thought I could do, im wanting to tackle. Every dream I’ve ever had, I want to go for it.

Im sure im not the only one that sometimes thinks their dreams are way too far fetched. Like, Ivana, come on. You really think that one day you’ll live in a penthouse apartment in New York City with floor to ceiling windows, a massive closet like Carrie Bradshaw filled with every clothing item and shoe I’ve ever wanted? You really think you can live a life like that, and still have the man of your dreams, eat the yummiest foods, have a big beautiful family (one day) , AND travel all over the world? Theres no way home girl.

….But why? Why cant we have ALL that we desire? Why CANT we have our dream jobs, our dream love, and our dream home?
Im constantly reminding myself that theres all the success in the world. Its just sitting there. Waiting….

Waiting for those ambitious enough to grab that shit by the throat and take a big chunk of it. So why cant we be one of them ?
Most of you know that I have a youtube channel, this blog, I work and freelance, and am also building an online business.. all at the same time. Is it a hell of a lot of work? YES. Am I exhausted? Always! Does that stop me? NAH

I realized once I started putting out how badly I wanted everything that I was doing, slowly but surely, they started happening. Just recently talking to one of my friends, we noticed how productive we were when we actually set ourselves up for success.

Its crazy to think of all the things that you want to accomplish, but whats crazier is ONLY EVER thinking about them, and never putting them into action.
Who’s going to give you that amazing life you so desperately crave?

It can be a life filled with traveling the world with the person you love. For some, it may be having a huge family and staying home with their children every day. Others may dream of being a homeowner, or even owning their own restaurant.

Listen, DO IT. No matter how crazy you sound to others, DO IT. No matter how out of this world you may feel, DO IT. No matter how many people doubt you or fill your head with nonsense of why you cant, DO IT. Do it because you deserve to feel fulfilled. You deserve to have everything you ever wanted. Dont settle because you’re scared, or dont have the money, or dont believe in love. Do it because you were created for more than just living.

Cardigan and Slides: Forever21
Top and Pants: Lolashoetique.com
Belt: Shein.com
Bag & Necklaces: Forever21

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